Founder + Creative Director

Hello, I'm Destinee! I am Founder and Creative Director of Florista Spells Studio.

My spirit flower is a Marigold; and Blue Tweedia. It symbolizes passion and creativity; life and happiness. My sun, moon, and rising are all in Cancer.  You can catch me hanging out with my fiancè, Michael, and our pup Yeti Bear when I'm not working.

Florista Spell's aesthetic is eclectic, rebellious, and makes a statement. The color blue speaks to my soul and I love to add touches of blue when arranging flowers or designing an event. When selecting flowers I love contrasting colors that really make the arrangement pop! 


Floral Designer

Hello, I'm Bryanne.

My spirit flower is a Hellebore, specifically the freckled species; Hellebore represents renewal, tranquility, and constant change as variety uniquely blooms on each stem of a single plant.


Along, with my background in floral design, I also have an extensive background in fashion and event design. My love of all things design, appreciation of nature's most magical gift, flowers, and calm but passionate energy bring together a magical force to dream up and design floral inspired by the people and space they are meant for.